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Prayer is a powerful way to share in the lives of others here and around the world.  Prayer brings divine grace into daily activity and inspires the timid to become courageous in the face of challenges. Your voice added to others is a powerful force.

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Prayer Focus for August


"A day we will never forget!"  Thank God for the Safari Team's wonderful water tank  celebration with the Kenyan women in July!  

Thank God! One of the team members (Krissie) recounts that amazing day:  "Dorcas had no idea she was being gifted a tank on the day we arrived. I do not have the words to describe her response.  I have never seen anyone so joyful and full of gratitude!  We were all brought to tears at her response. She sang, yelled out, danced and gave thanks for the tank and what the tank will bring to her and her family. I still can't believe we were there to witness this event and see so clearly what access to clean water means to someone. What seemed like a small gift - is truly life changing. This is a day we will never forget!"  

Please continue to pray for the preparations for the Harambee Gala!  Sept. 30th 6 p.m. - 9 p.m.

Harambee, Swahili for 'pulling together' is our 16th annual gala event, symbolizing just that. Pray for all the preparations--(for many volunteers, table captains, and obtaining sponsors for the event) as we pull together in support of women and families around the world on their path from poverty.

There will be an exciting dinner menu, silent auction, live music, Kenyan Marketplace with beautiful handicrafts and a few surprises! 

Please pray for peace and unity during the post-election period following the Kenyan Elections which were held Aug. 8th

Please pray for peace and unity as Kenya opposition presidential candidate Raila Odinga has rejected provisional results from Tuesday's vote indicating a strong lead for President Uhuru Kenyatta.  Odinga has said the electoral commission's IT system has been hacked to manipulate the election results.  Kenya's election chief Wafula Chebukati said he had confidence in the system but the claims would be investigated. So far, 3 people have been killed and there have been sporadic outbreaks of violence amid calls for calm from politicians.  Many fear a repeat of the violence after the disputed election 10 years ago.  More than 1,100 Kenyans died and 600,000 were displaced following the 2007 vote. Please pray for peace unity, and stability surrounding this post-election time. 

"Gosh!  We have Really Faced it!" --  Name of New Women's group which has formed in the Tulimani region of Kenya!

We thank God for the 15 women who have joined together to form the newest women's group in the Tulimani region. The 2017 WEI work team met these women at a contaminated water hole on the last work team trip in March, as the women were filling their jerry cans with dirty water.  They approached our team and wanted to learn how they could join together to gain access to clean water and begin to rise up out of poverty. These women are now receiving training, 15 women have joined the new group so far, and they are saving toward their first water tanks!   

Please continue to pray for Hotmaida, Program Director in Indonesia

Hotmaida is continuing to deal with some very serious issues with the Credit Union (a self-sustaining savings and borrowing fund with over 300 members she established 25 years ago in another city).  She continues to travel there by public transport 5 hours each way once a week, to deal with bookkeeping & relational issues.  Pray for much wisdom and guidance as she deals with these issues.  

The town of Siborongborong is near Lake Toba which developers are growing to be a tourist attraction. There will be new challenges, temptations, as well as opportunities, for the surrounding communities and peoples. Continue to pray for God's protection for the churches and Christians in ID.  Pray also for wisdom for Hotmaida as she guides the members of her congregation with discernment, as temptation, fear, as well as opportunities are real in light of these coming changes.

Pray for the one-day training meeting to be held with the women's groups in North Sumatra, Indonesia

Hotmaida will be holding a one-day meeting of all the women active in the women's groups for the purpose of mutual encouragement and training.  Pray that this will be a time of real blessing and encouragement to all who attend.  

The Family Health Fund has 3 families who are involved.  Please continue to pray that more and more women will join this much-needed cooperative.  

Continue to pray for the humanitarian efforts of organizations working where hunger/ famine continues in parts of Africa

Millions of people in Africa are experiencing chronic hunger and the threat of famine. Conflict, recurring severe drought, and high food prices are to blame. People are starving to death — right now.

Hunger and malnutrition continued to worsen in East Africa through the peak of the lean season in July.

In East Africa alone — South Sudan, Kenya, Ethiopia, and Somalia — 25.5 million people need food and water. More than 3.5 million children are suffering from acute malnutrition.

Continue to pray for the humanitarian efforts of World Vision and other organizations in these countries where famine is looming. “Lack of clean water, proper sanitation, and hygiene pose as much danger as starvation.”  Pray for effective transportation of humanitarian supplies to remote areas ... to serve large numbers of people.