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Prayer is a powerful way to share in the lives of others here and around the world.  Prayer brings divine grace into daily activity and inspires the timid to become courageous in the face of challenges. Your voice added to others is a powerful force.

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Prayer Focus for June

Praise!  Garage Sale put on by Kenya Work Team yields One more Water Tank in Kenya!!

We are so thankful for the wonderful 2017 Kenya Work Team who worked very hard to gather many used/ new items to sell at the Garage Sale on June 3rd and raised over $1,500 for a new water tank in Kenya!  It was a great bonding time for the team and a wonderful opportunity to tangibly help another Kenyan family get clean water!  

Prayer is needed for Hotmaida, Program Director in Indonesia

Hotmaida is currently dealing with some very serious issues with the Credit Union (a self-sustaining savings and borrowing fund with over 300 members she established 25 years ago in another city).  She continues to travel there by public transport 5 hours each way once a week, to deal with bookkeeping & relational issues.  Pray for much wisdom and guidance as she deals with these issues.  

The town of Siborongborong is near Lake Toba which developers are growing to be a tourist attraction. There will be new challenges, temptations, as well as opportunities, for the surrounding communities and peoples. Continue to pray for God's protection for the churches and Christians in ID.  Pray also for wisdom for Hotmaida as she guides the members of her congregation with discernment, as temptation, fear, as well as opportunities are real in light of these coming changes.

Pray for Safari trip members who will be going to Kenya July 16-26th

Pray for the details and preparation for the Safari trip members, who will also travel to a village where a WEI work project has just installed a rain water catchment tank. They will join the celebration, where they have helped hard-working Kenyan women achieve their goal of providing clean water for their families.  Pray also for Jordan, who will be doing training with the RPM's.

Donations continue to come in for Walk for Water -  Pray for the continued involvement of those who partipated...

We are so thankful that donations continue to come in for the Walk for Water held on May 20th.  Thank God that we have raised over $23,000 for water tanks in Kenya.   Pray also that those who came to the Walk will be brought into the WEI ministry.

Continue to pray for peace, unity, and stability in preparation for the Kenyan Elections- Aug. 8, 2017

Thank God that things have remained stable recently.  Please continue to pray for the upcoming General elections, which are scheduled to be held in Kenya on August 8, 2017.  Voters will elect the President and his deputy, members of Parliament (Senate and National Assembly) and county governors and ward representatives.  Please continue to pray for peace, unity, and stability surrounding the time preceding, during, and post-election.

Thank God for the rain that has fallen in the Ukambani area of Kenya- -Pray for more rain in other areas of drought

Thank God for the rain that has fallen and the tanks that have been filled in the Ukambani region to bless the families we're partnering with in Kenya!  In some other areas of Kenya, however, the drought continues to be severe.  Please pray for much needed rain to come in those areas.   

Continued prayer needed for those who are sick

Please continue to pray for sick members of our women's groups:  Beth Matolo (Ngatiie group), Mary Muthoka (pneumonia- Mwambililyu group), Philles Daudi's husband (Mwambililyu), Lydia Muia (Mke Mwema), Beatrice Mwau (fractured hand -Kyeni Kya Zaini group)

Pray also for the strengthening of several groups in the Kivani cluster.

Continue to pray for Rebecca- who will become the new Regional Program Manager in the Kivani Region

Pray for the effective training and smooth transition of Rebecca - who is being trained by Ruth to become the new RPM for the Kivani region.  We thank God for this new leadership He is raising up for this area, which has been struggling since the death of Jane last year.

Dos Roha women's group and Family Health Fund are growing in North Sumatra, Indonesia!

Thank God that the Dos Roha women's group is a stable, thriving group and attracted 6 new members this month!  The Family Health Fund has 3 families now who are involved.  Please continue to pray that more and more women will join this much-needed cooperative. 

Continue to pray for the humanitarian efforts of organizations working where hunger/ famine continues in parts of Africa

Millions of people are experiencing unprecedented hunger and famine in Africa. A combination of conflict, recurring severe drought, and high food prices are to blame. Fortunately, the Ukambani region, where the women we partner with live, is not as severe as some other areas.

According to World Vision, Kenya’s government expects 4 million people will need help by July 2017; about 700,000 Kenyan children younger than 5 are facing starvation (in areas in the north).   Ethiopian communities have been plagued with disease outbreaks amid worsening food insecurity. 

Severe drought and widespread food insecurity also are ravaging entire communities in Niger, Chad, Nigeria, Cameroon, parts of the Southern Africa region, and Yemen, according to the Famine Early Warning Systems Network.