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Prayer is a powerful way to share in the lives of others here and around the world.  Prayer brings divine grace into daily activity and inspires the timid to become courageous in the face of challenges. Your voice added to others is a powerful force.

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Prayer Focus for January

Pray for Kenyan Leaders as they Grieve the loss of dear friend and Regional Program Mgr. Esther Kanyumu

Esther was one of the original members of Path from Poverty.  She and several friends had heard of the good work Path from Poverty was doing in their area and were excited to start their own group.  Esther was elected leader of her group and then helped guide other groups that began in that area.  Her leadership, skills, and heart for helping women out of poverty led her to be elected leader of the entire Tulimani area.  She served on the PFP leadership team for 7 years. 

Esther was a woman of steadfast faith, always encouraging others to trust God and affirming the goodness of God in all situations.  She was called "elder counselor" by women in the women's groups and even "mother," as she cared for so many.  Esther passed away on Christmas day of a sudden illness.  She will be deeply missed!

Please pray for her husband, Joseph and her family, along with the Kenyan leaders - as they grieve the loss of Esther during this time of other transitions.  Pray that God will provide support/ peace and that the leaders will trust in God and feel positive/ hopeful.

Pray for God to raise up 2 more team members for Kenya Work Team - Feb. 28-March 14, 2018

Please pray that God encourages 2 more women to join the upcoming work team.  We will partner with the Kivani women's groups in Kenya to help build water tank foundations so more women will gain access to clean drinking water.  We're excited to be able to deliver 15 tanks when the team goes, 3 or 4 of which team members will help install.

Pray also for Rabecca (new Program Mgr. for Kivani cluster) as she prepares for the work team coming to her region.

The next team training meeting will be Jan. 30th at 4 p.m.  If you or a friend is interested in joining the team, please contact Marilyn Kaino at

Path from Poverty teams seek to equip women, empower change, and partner with them on their path to overcome poverty.  

10th Annual Walk for Water - May 19th at 10 a.m. at Seward Park

Pray for all the preparations and for many volunteers to help prepare for and work at the 10th Annual Walk for Water on Sat., May 19th at Seward Park.  

Pray for MANY participants, sponsors, volunteers and lots of funds to be raised for water tanks in Kenya! 

If you are interested in being involved in any capacity, please contact Krissie Dillin at

Praise God for His Guidance in Transition

Praise God that He is clearly directing our path in this time of transition and in seeking a new Executive Director.  We trust that His timing is perfect.  Please pray that He will provide just the right person to fill the position vacated by Jordan, when she and her family moved to Texas last month.  Continue to pray for a smooth transition and for endurance for the staff as they seek to work as effectively as possible during this time. 

This position will be responsible for overseeing the fundraising, administration, programs and strategic plan of the organization, as well as overseeing marketing, and community outreach.  This person must be able to keep Christ central, attend and participate in leadership of devotions and prayer meetings.  The job is posted on this link:  Job opening

Pray for Monica's family (from Mbooni cluster) who passed away recently from advanced breast cancer  

Pray for God's comfort for Monica's young family (from the Kyai women's group in Mbooni cluster) who passed away recently from very advanced breast cancer.

Pray for our Kenya scholars

Praise God that Hellen and Berita graduated from Form 4 in December.  Pray for Hellen as she considers further vocational/ certificate training.  

PFP will begin to support a new scholar, Emmaculet Mweni Mutheu, an orphan that the Mbooni cluster of women's groups is no longer able to support at this time.  Pray for diligence in her studies and for Teresia, the other student that PFP continues to support.

Pray for Hotmaida and the Women's Groups in Indonesia

Pray for wisdom for Hotmaida as she deals with challenges in overseeing women's groups.  Continue to pray for the Rap Maju women's group.  The economic situation of the women in this group is apparently much worse than the women in other groups.  Pray for their hard work and successful income generation through pig breeding.

The Family Health Fund has 3 families who are involved.  2 other women have indicated their intent to join but are waiting for their pigs to deliver piglets.  Please continue to pray that more and more women will join this much-needed cooperative.  

Continue to pray for the humanitarian efforts of organizations working where hunger/ famine continue in parts of Africa

Millions of people have been experiencing unprecedented hunger and famine in Africa. A combination of conflict, recurring severe drought, and high food prices are to blame.  

In Kenya, following at least two consecutive poor rainy seasons, food security needs were expected to peak in October 2017 as food and income sources were below-average across most of pastoral and marginal agricultural areas. As a result, crisis outcomes were expected through early December in areas of northern Kenya - Turkana, Marsabit, Mandera, Wajir, Isiolo, Garissa, Tana River, Samburu, and Laikipia, requiring urgent humanitarian assistance. However, an improvement to stressed outcomes was expected across all pastoral areas in early 2018; however, some of the most vulnerable households are still likely to be in Crisis.

Continue to pray for the humanitarian efforts of World Vision and other organizations where famine is looming. “Lack of clean water, proper sanitation, and hygiene pose as much danger as starvation.”  Pray for effective transportation of humanitarian supplies to remote areas ... to serve large numbers of people.