WEI Events

Working firsthand as co-laborers with the women’s groups in Kenya offers a rare chance to witness transformation- both for yourself and in someone else. WEI invites you to join a Work Team Trip in which participants can work hand-in-hand with the partners in Kenya to accomplish a mutually beneficial project. Your time on a Work Team will involve a number of different activities, often including:

  • Preparing and building a water tank base at a WEI partner's home;
  • Learning how to install different parts of a water tank;
  • Sharing stories of families, experiences, wisdom and need;
  • Experiencing a variety of local foods, traditions, songs and celebrations;
  • And ending the trip with a time of reflection and relaxation.

Upcoming Opportunities

Join us on our next Work Team trip on February 28 to March 14th, 2018! We will be working side by side with several women's groups in the Kivani region. You will have the opportunity to help build tanks bases with the women at their home, as well as learn from them about how they earn income and journey with them where they used to go for their water source.

For more information about work team opportunities, please contact us at: info@womensenterprises.org or call our office at 206.624.4934