About Us

Joining our Partners on the Path from Poverty

Equipping Women

Path From Poverty (PFP) partners with Women’s Groups.

PFP believes that when a woman is given the tools to succeed, she not only lifts herself up, but also her family and her community.

PFP partners with Women's Groups in Kenya and Indonesia through which the sharing of knowledge about general health and sanitation training, income generation skills, and financial literacy training occurs.

Empowering Change

PFP empowers change by creating a culture of savings and community.

As women receive knowledge and tools to improve their lives, their capacity to earn money, save for the future, and contribute to their future and community increases. The support and training that the women receive within a group creates community and accountability they have never known before.

Overcoming Poverty

PFP's program of savings, training and empowerment opens the path for Women's Group members and their families to walk out of poverty.

Utilizing the skills they learn, women are able to set financial goals, achieve them, and move to meet the most pressing needs in their community.

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